Advanced Meter Infrastructure Project

In the fall of 2013, Atlantic Municipal Utilities (AMU) replaced the existing electric meters located in our rural service area with new electronic meters equipped with two-way digital communication capability. The new meters will allow AMU to read your meters remotely and give us better tools to increase reliability and provide enhanced customer service.

Phase Two of the AMI Project was completed in February 2014 and included portions of the east side of Atlantic.

Phase Three of the AMI Project will being in April 2014. Phase Three will include all of Pine Street; the 1400 block of Ash Street; Redwood Drive and all Streets connected to Redwood Drive. If you are scheduled to have your meter upgraded, you will receive a letter in the mail, approximately one week prior to the meter being changed.

When the meters are replaced, an AMU employee will change out your electric meter and will visually inspect your service line and meter socket to ensure this equipment is in safe working order. This process will cause a short power outage of less than 10 minutes.

After installation, your service will return to normal. If your meter socket has an identified safety issue, an electrician may need to be contacted to make repairs.


  1. AMU will send a reminder letter approximately one week before we plan to be replacing meters in your area. This letter will include additional information about the meter replacement process.
  2. These new electric meters are part of an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) project being installed by AMU. The AMI system will provide AMU with power outage notification and power quality information. AMU has put together some informational fact sheets about these meters and our AMI project to help answer questions you may have.

For more information regarding this project, click here for Frequently Ask Questions or here for Facts vs. Myths.