2013 Electric Rate Comparison

The American Public Power Association (APPA) produces an annual rate comparison study, which compares electric rates of electrical utilities. These studies are broken down by three different rate classes, Residential, Commercial and Industrial. The Nationally, Iowa ranks as having one of the lowest average rates in the country. Locally, Atlantic Municipal Utilities remains as one of the 10 lowest average rates in the state. Here is how AMU compares to the average utility in Iowa for 2013, the latest year that has been compiled to date:

Residential :

AMU: 7.8 / kWh

Iowa Avg: 11.0 / kWh

National Avg: 11.9 /kWh



AMU: 7.0 / kWh

Iowa Avg: 8.6 / kWh

National Avg: 10.6 / kWh



AMU: 5.3 / kWh

Iowa Avg: 6.4 / kWh

National Avg: 8.0 / kWh

To view the full report, click the link below.
2013 APPA Rate Comparison – All States (Excel Document)

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